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The Outyard
Keep your Cool and Follow your Heart.
Category: Society & Culture
Location: Portland, ME
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Juggler, Gardener, Poet, Father

by Peter Crow
take it with you
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February 15, 2021 11:27 AM PST

Norse Mythology
Heroes & Gods
Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki

February 15, 2021 10:21 AM PST
September 12, 2018 02:26 PM PDT

In this episode we discuss

part 1:
exposure in the 60's counterculture: the Beatles & the musical HaiR
George Harrison's close relationship with the Hare Krishnas
playing kirtan with a bank of synthesizers
“village instruments” : mirdongas, finger chimes, harmoniums
traveling as the musical director for a Hare Krishna mentor
“everything can be used in the service of God”
taking what is one's “rightful claim” ; curtailing greed
varna ashram dharma – one's natural position within society
karma and dharma naturally create order and societal structure
traditional retirement = traveling and teaching
the material world as a “prison-house”
miseries that come from existing in a physical body
the goal of escaping the karmic cycle of material incarnation
we avoid admitting to suffering because it is painful
caring for an aging parent; growing old and losing one's memory / awareness
Baghavad Gita
counting mantras on prayer beads
chanting mantras for 24 hours at a time
the six qualities that define having a spirit-soul
karma: cause & effect ; what goes around comes around
the spiritual function of an alter
offering food to Krishna before eating
blessed food tastes better

August 15, 2018 01:42 PM PDT

For more from Tess, visit http://www.originhealer.com/

In this episode we discuss:

Different kinds of crystals and gemstones
the crystal market and fake crystals
integrity in healing
working with your intuition
setting aside your ego, to help yourself and others
how Tess became a healer
Reiki energy healing
“shadow work”
addressing your subconscious
letting go of past trauma
animal totems / power animals
shamanic journeying
“the lower realm” and “the upper realm”
“soul retrieval”
being outside one's body and outside of time
what it means for Tess to be a witch
being a practicing Pagan
reading Tarot cards
alternate oracle decks
Tess's intentions to open a store
chakras, “one continuous water-wheel”

July 23, 2018 05:40 AM PDT

In this show we talk about:

the mental & emotional flow of travel
Jake's personal sense of “awakening”
trust and following your intuition, accepting the lessons that come to you
the importance of applying knowledge, not just learning it
kombu frog venom medicine ceremony
shaving the head to ritually mark a transition, spiritual rebirth
life-changing conversations that happen in the parking lots of health food stores
unlikely role-models
traveling as a mirror of self
life as play, moving energy through the body, the body as a toy
crying during yoga classes
using mantras to shift your outlook
racing cars, “drifting” cars
leaving the country for the first time
the destruction of the old temples in Thailand and Cambodia
tumors from cell phones
dealing with intestinal worms and other digestion issues
living in close quarters (while being intimate)
a useful way to think about frustration
where to good a good price for your old RV
factors that inhibit natural healing
planning vs. going with the flow
taking care of the body like a racer takes care of a car
using symbolic anchors to keep you in the flow
the practice of allowing yourself to feel effortless
Jake's radical commitment to completely avoiding fluoride
clearing space, burning an old journal
running barefoot
effortlessness & prosperity

July 22, 2018 06:35 AM PDT

Vipassana means 'to see things as they really are' and is the technique that was used by the Bhudda, and is advertised as a universal ill. Jeremy & Eric discuss the difficulties, trials, joys, and value of this practice.

In this episode of The Outyard we discuss:

the nature of silence
why silence is considered holy or sacred
what Mother Theresa, Confucius, Kahlil Gibran, Alestair Crowley, and Aldous Huxley have to say about silence
why the retreat is no less than 10 days
how communication can happen silently, and talking can destroy communication
the brotherhood felt in a community of silent people
breaking “the noble silence”
how weird it gets in your own head
metaphysical experiences during silence
Jeremy's dream of a sea of broken glass
lucid dreaming
working through trauma during meditation
“pillow cities” and “riding the golden bull”
experiencing the third eye as separate from the body
growing awareness; feeling the organs in your body
piercing the veil of your thoughts
dissolving the body
experiencing the entire universe within the self
equanimity and awareness
farting during a silent retreat
returning to normal culture after Vipassana
the pros & cons of being stoned on cannabis while meditating
contentment and being with yourself
quitting addictions after Vipassana
continuing the practice (and failing sometimes)

To find out more about Vipassana, or where the nearest Vipassana center near you, visit: http://www.dhamma.org/

July 18, 2018 12:24 PM PDT

A series of Origin Stories read by your host, Peter Crow

I thought it would be appropriate to initiate my first podcast by reading a series of Beginnings.

Whether or not you have kids, imagine a curious 5-year-old approaching you and asking sincerely, hopefully where the universe came from. Do you feel equipped? Are you going to feed them the same old line that you were given by your science teacher? Or will you rise to this occasion of mythic proportions?

Myths of Creation included in this episode:

Outyard's first intro ever!
birth stories of Peter Crow's 2 children
Dogon Egg of Creation
God hatches woman & man from an Egg with a song
the First Father of Gauranis
Norse Eddas; the creation and dismemberment of Ymir the Frost Giant
The Sky Woman of the Iroqouis creates Turtle Island
Cherokee: Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun
Kloskurbeh the all-maker and First Mother
the Mayan days of Creation
The Four Creations of the Hopi, Sotuknang & Spider Woman
Pachakamak the Creator of Peru
New Zealand: Tangaruwa hatches from an Egg
The time before people; Beaver steals fire and shapes the river
Greek myth of Gaia, and the Oracle of Themis
Yoruba tale of The Golden Chain
Chinese tale of Pan-Gu & Nu-Wa, another egg hatching, another giant...
Geometer's myth: the Universe was made with a Compass
Wabanaki / Algonquin: Glooskap the Divinity and his brother Malsumsis the Wolf
How Glooskap made the elves and faeries, and then Man of an Ash Tree
Of Osiris, the Egyptian god of death and resurrection
Oklahoma Wichita: The Moon and the Morning Star
Zimbabwe: Life from the Moon and Stars
Babylon: Marduk creates the world from the spoils of battle
Cherokee story of Earth-making
The Earth Dragon
Brahma, Creation by and of the Self
Who made Paul Bunyan?

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